Achieving Competitive Advantage Through KnowingYourBrand™

KnowingYourBrand is an Audit program rooted in more than 20 years of brand experience projects and built on a successful methodology of brand
-building that proved results.
KnowingYourBrand™ Audit program is your Exclusive Brand Transformation Lab.
KnowingYourBrand™ can deliver competitive advantage by improving
Product or Service offered
Looking at your business with a different perspective helps you to make a neutral judgement on core areas where your business offering is underperforming or not performing as expected.
Customer Experience
A successful business must emotionally connect the brand with the customer. In this pillar, we build together messages and content you need to attract customer to you and mainly help them choose your offer.
Marketing Performance
Market constantly evolve, so without a constant review, you can waste time and money. Joining the Lab helps you to optimise your marketing investment by allowing you to focus on the activities that best fit your audience.
The Brand is the most relevant asset you have in business.
I help Brand grow
I help entrepreneurs grow their businesses by helping them develop a compelling Brand Strategies and implement tailored solutions.
Align your Brand with your objectives
In the daily operations running, many entrepreneurs are mainly concerned with their responsibilities that they lose focus on the whole and long-term goals of their business. When this happens, it may be challenging to understand the reason why. KnowingYourBrand™ is a way to step back, review your Brand Strategies, and make sure that the day to day Marketing operations is significant support to your ultimate business goals.
Understand what doesn't work..and amend
KnowingYourBrand™ helps entrepreneurs explore their implemented marketing activities while determining their effectiveness against the primary purpose of the business are. Then, together we will come up to the next step to improve their performance and enable you to achieve greater success, perhaps by introducing new tactics in your marketing efforts or change them for piloting new route to market or attract new customers.
Get further detail about your competitors
Effective marketing requires a thorough understanding of many factors, including the market, your target audience and your competition. KnowingYourBrand™ is a great way to understand how to evaluate what your competitors are doing. By analysing their Brand Promise, we can improve how to approach your targeted audience, to make your business grow to the level you expect.
Learn new ideas and how to apply them
A traditional Brand audit is vital for developing the right market approach. While this may not be one of the main reasons for KnowingYourBrand™, sharing your ideas with entrepreneurship-minded people can be an excellent opportunity to discover new ideas to try in your business as well. With a few personalisations, you can empower your marketing skills and bring your business to the next level.
How it works - 4 Steps
KnowingYourBrand™ is a combination of based principles in Strategy, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing and Sales.
Knowing Your Brand Heart
Your Brand Heart includes four elements (Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values) that help you identify or clarify who you are, what you do, and why it matters. It is the starting point for any Business.
Knowing Your Brand Essence
Your Brand Essence consists of your Personality and Voice. Defining these elements can ensure your brand will communicate honestly, authentically and consistently.
Knowing your Brand Messaging
After identified the Brand Heart and its Essence, you know who you are and why people should choose you instead of your competition. Now it is time to create your value proposition, tagline, and messaging pillars to support the marketing initiatives.
Knowing your Brand Identity
A Brand Design is more than just colouring a brochure. As opposite, it provides tangible value when its creation support the objective of an organisation.
Achieving Growth
I assist you with a comprehensive, systematic and independent review of your Brand, specifically designed to evaluate your assets and activities in the context of current conditions, and use the outcome obtained to help you plan a successful Business.
Paolo Massimilla
Brand Strategist & Award Winning Marketer
Passionate about Sales & Marketing, I love helping entrepreneurs, including independent professionals or freelance to quickly perform a sustainable growth throughout the combination of a right Brand Strategy together with Personal Empowerment.

The strength behind KnowingYourBrand™ took shape by observing many small business owners struggling because of the lack of clarity within their Brand. Many times I have been approached by several entrepreneurs and asked if I could help them.

So through my wish to help entrepreneurs build their capabilities to run their loved Business and guide them through a very complex and continuously changing marketing world, KnowingYourBrand™ has born.

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